Paolo Ribeca's homepage

Hi, and welcome to my homepage!

What to say to describe myself in a few sentences?

I am male, 34, physicist, and Italian, although I consider myself more like a citizen of the European Union and the world: during the last 7 years I lived in Paris, Berlin, Heidelberg, and I am currently working as a computational biologist in Barcelona.

I traveled so much across Europe partly because once I used to like it, and partly due to the absurd requirements of my career as a researcher: low salaries, contracts usually not longer than two years, working days which never end because either you publish or you perish, bosses who often take unjust advantage of your work simply because they are in the position of redistributing the money of the taxpayer, and so on. You start the adventure thinking that you will help saving the world, and you end craving for a normal job.

Whatever. Apart from science, and from my family (that is, my beloved wife and daughter), I have two main relevant interests. The first and dearest is for sure computer programming, a business which I started more than 15 years ago and still is able to give me new stimuli and satisfactions each day of my life. The second is music, although to my sincere regret I had to neglect it quite a lot during the last years due to my other obligations; my fault, no doubt.

Finally, I apologize for the messy and unsatisfactory condition of this website — but not too much: even if many people will not agree, I am really convinced that life is definitely too short to spend a relevant part of it typing HTML code :) . In due time, all the missing pages will find their way to the Great Ocean of Internet, and if you are a friend you can always "say 'friend', and enter" into the many hidden or password-protected sections.

In any case, I wish you a good navigation, both in this site and in your life.